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For most of us, cleaning house is one of the most important and also heavy job in daily chores, with a robot vacuum cleaner you can solve some problems. As a company focus on this field over 5 years, we clearly know what the custoemrs need and we have the most relevant product for solving it. 

As a new brand, we may don't have many data to support our customers or selling analysis, experience and focus also matter a lot. our goal is to grow up together with our customers, especially the loyal customers, we care about your feedback and we know how to make you more positive in our program. So we make our loyality program to make us join more stronge and bigger. 

Here is the short instrution to our loyalty programs:  we will make records to all customers buy or help to push our products, and give more attention to your benefits. The more you help our brand or product selling, the more benefit you will get from us. 

Ways to earn points

Behavior Points you will get Notes
Place an Order  10 points / 1 $ spent
Refer to Friends

1000 points you get 

+ 15% off your friends order 

Follow Us 

100 points each

Your Birthday

100 points 

100 points = 1.5 USD

Every 100 points = $1.5 towards your purchase
Customers can spend points based on their balance.